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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

Illustrations has been published.


  • yummy and I used to get it I think forgot how I fixed it but yeah hope you can get through it

  • I would have posted stuff if it wasn’t for that error

  • Long*

  • Sorry for not posting for lome


Illustrations has been published.

PlAy TIMe Is oVEr

  • > Watch,draw,and seek Thank you! And you are too! Awesome art style!

  • You are very amazing.

  • I love ur styleeee

  • Hecc… I mistakenly posted twice


Illustrations has been published.

PlAy TIMe Is oVEr

  • Hecc… I mistakenly posted twice

  • I don’t even play this game. I just watch gameplay videos of it. What I’m I even doing with my life?


Illustrations has been published.


  • F

  • oh God lol

  • Thank you!

  • If you have a photo on the canvas, you’ll probably have to delete it. [Try copying the image and pasting it onto a color layer then deleting the original] Try to just click the button multiple times Copy the canvas can work sometimes This is how I usally do it


Illustrations has been published.

Meet Terry (read 1st comment)

  • Randy has been done! Check it out at my latest post

  • > DanDraw Just a character of mine you can see some of his few traits in the bottom left corner.

  • Nice gallery too!

  • Wow, what is this!?


Illustrations has been published.

there’s a error I keep getting

  • I don't have that problem, but on the other hand the drawing is very funny!😁✨

  • If anyone else gets this error let me know

  • I’m sorry for not posting for a long time

  • Oof I posted two times but there’s this error that stops me from posting