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Last standing man

  • > NataliaBatista wow I'm really glad you enjoy it I'm also love Norse mythology and i really tried to make this piece properly

  • Inspiring piece, I am a sucker for Norse mythology (being a Swede, I grew up reading about it in school) and your work was clearly inspired by the tv-show Vikings, but you still made your own story out of it. Nice!

  • > vcvgod Im really glad you enjoyed it

  • Great art man! The level of details are incredible! The composition on each page, the shading job... Awesome man!


Comics has been published.

Real Champions

  • the art is legit good 👍

  • > Pega6us thanks dear pega6us i hope you enjoyed it

  • Vero good👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽