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Silent Cry

  • > KatNek0 So do I!

  • > Unknown Creator (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  • > Leporidactic 无声的呐喊-_-

  • This is actually really cool! I love it


Illustrations has been published.


  • > 黒白 (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  • 太美了^^

  • 好震撼……

  • 太美了!!!


Illustrations has been published.

  • > 黑猫 原来是这样!看到tag里Dog vs. Cat我就着急地判定了,抱歉呀~ 话说设定也太可爱了吧!

  • > Leporidactic 哈哈两个都是猫,白色的看不到尾巴就可能看成是狗,他是缅因猫,年下所以好动,但是个子大~

  • 猫狗性格好鲜明!可爱!!


Illustrations has been published.

Good Night

  • > LuckyCat Haha,my English is not so good.This young man has a tragic past,and he got to know the black haired guy later.

  • > 黑猫 Sorry not to be weird and go stalking through your drawings from a year ago I’m just really interested when things have a story behind them

  • > 黑猫 I looked at your other drawings to try to see if I could understand some of it and they were all beautiful it made me think that the red haired guy lost the black haired guy for some reason since he’s been by himself in your recent drawings although I feel like that’s probably not it at all lol

  • > 黑猫 Wow now I’d really like to know it


Illustrations has been published.


  • > 华裳 是的,他设定就是矮小(成年后也只是157cm左右),其貌不扬,自卑,有心理疾病且性格有些小扭曲的孩子

  • 小受有点小啊

  • > 寞北岸 啊,不是的,这是原创作品,校服不一样,而且右边男生身型娇小,我设定的他身高150cm左右,很矮,左边那位也没有很高,设定173cm左右

  • 这是《昨日青空》吧!


Illustrations has been published.

  • She is the brave one.

  • 好看嗷

  • 好精致

  • 南极石小哥哥诶