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Calling all animators

Weather you use you gachalife, MMD, or any animation program I'm looking for someone who can animate my series Animal Girls for me just to warn you it's gonna have many seasons so ya if you like to do this comment below please. I cannot pay you real money but I'm mainly hoping I can find someone to do it for free but if you like I can reward you with art, deviant pts, basically almost everything but money if you'd like to help out please link some animation examples below please thx. Also you'll only need to animate every summer so you'll get a break. (Just to also let you know this is not a official show it's just for fun)

I'm also looking for someone to do the intro for Animal Girls too let me known below and show animation examples please.

Have anice day ~Madoka-Neko/PikaChibiChuGirl

Link to journal: www.deviantart.com/madoka-neko…

Also if you can please share this on like IG,FB, etc and if you do link add the link to my deviateart journal please
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