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Trying to draw the cutest cinnamon roll - Damien<3


  • > 《💙Mom²❤》 He's a character from Mark's 'Who Killed Markiplier?' series. He's precious. And thank you so muuch! Your words mean so much for me uwu

  • > SoulKaze Aweee thaaanks! I'm not rlly sure but if you say so then yeaaah <3

  • oh frick- idk who is he, but he's really cute really good job fren, like always uwu


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A Small Wilford 'Motherluving' Warfstache Sketch)

  • of course I'm proud of you! you really improved a lot since I started following you tysm shade, you're a really good friend <3

  • > 《💙Mom²❤》 Aww thank you! You're proud of me? Th-hanks-s! pwp Happy new year to you to and... If you need to talk I'm here to listen :) <3

  • btw happy end of the year and new year

  • I'm really proud of how much you've been improving uwu I'm so glad to hear you're doing good qwq I'm... okay somehow just- with a big lack of feelings rn but really okay


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WKM - Actor!Mark - Influenced (+ message in desc.)

  • > Morldorie Oh! eThank You! I put a lot of effort into it. And I'm sure with more pactice you can achieve everything you want!

  • omg I wish I could draw humans like this :o

  • I've been rewatchink Who Killed Markiplier lately, crying all over again. Idk why but I kinda started feeling bad for Actor!Mark, like, his sad past and everything. He's stil a bad guy, but i kinda feel for him. So I drew this. The dark Entity is sowly consuming Mark's mind, influencing his thoughts. I think if not them, Mark would cope with what happened between him and Colonel but idk. I worked hard on this. Tell me what ya think.


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So what do you think? (desc.)

  • Это шрекс.

  • I already love him tbh-

  • > 《💙Mom²❤》 Yea, his boi is handsome! I'm glad that you like it! Shadows took me a lot of time xD

  • btw I love everything of this drawing-


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the true artist (some Stefano stuff)

  • woah- this is so cool!

  • I'm not dead. Just very... Inactive... I've got myself into one new fandom (I have drawings 'bout it, but I'll post them later) School keeps me busy, so I'm not very active. But those are details you shouldn't care 'bout. Anyways, here's some Stefano sketches.