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  • Stolen

  • > Stardonkeyicecream Sry, I just get really mad at times when I get critized about supporting stolen art....again, I’m very sry my fellow artist... Ó-Ò”

  • > TinyCY Oh I didn't know that it was fake. why you shouting at me?

  • > Stardonkeyicecream OMG I KNOW THAT. Chill. ōAō I already looked this up on the internet millions of times and I still love it so just shoosh


Illustrations has been published.


  • >LAURENW_30 it's hard to find ppl who don't draw anime? almost everyone on here doesn't draw anime. they have their own style and ppl call it anime. anime is not everything. that's criticizing almost everyone's art on here saying that other things than realsim are anime. check what you know before even saying it. and if you trace with credit, then that's actually helping you to remember muscle features and other features. if you don't credit THEN you can call them out. if they don't claim it as their own then just tell them to credit the artist next time DO NOT CUSS OR SHAME THEM. they might not know if they need to credit them. and if they really did draw it then actually spend time looking up information to find out if they did draw it or not. people's art style can be very similar so don't criticize before you know the truth.

  • Stolen

  • HOW!?!?!

  • > LAURENW_30 But this is fake


Illustrations has been published.


  • Stolen

  • Fake

  • beautiful

  • Absolutely gorgeous


Illustrations has been published.


  • god knows how can I draw that... so greatttttttttttttt ahhhhhhhhhhh like oil painting wow

  • Respect

  • Love it😘😘

  • 天呐这是怎么画出来的!!油画质感啊啊好棒!




Illustrations has been published.

Beautiful eyes

  • what filter?

  • Stolen

  • How i can import pictures? Someone can help about this?

  • He or she didn't make it he or she took a picture of it and then it looks now like he or she drew it