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[Leo Crimson]

  • > Hory BCKSHZKA yo tampoco pensé volver la verdad jaksjssj muchas gracias jcksbxja 😔💖 no he subido mucho la verdad JAJSAJ pero voy de a poco

  • :''''000 no me esperaba volverte a ver por aqui, mejoraste una barbaridad! te salio bien bonis el Leo 👌 chale, no tengo instagram xd pero si encuentro la cuenta por el google la veo

  • hi again! it's been a long time since i last posted haha sooo- remember my baby leo? well, this is him now! i made a really shitty ref sheet like, 1 year ago or so (maybe even 2) and i wanted to draw my bby again and make him some justice! i've improved a whole LOT this year, even though i haven't drawn almost anything this drawing is a month old btw i made an instagram! go follow me there if you want to see me more active and/or wanna talk with me! it's @jade.viridi78