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4 Day / weeks

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collab with I can't remember

  • AH, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to comment sooner!! This looks so AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for participating!!!

  • its been a LONG while, I'll come back later I gots some stuff to do

  • it's been a while hasn't it?

  • yep it does feel appealing I really like it :)


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Flame test

  • Lel thank

  • your art have really improved over the weeks! aaGGHH ITS SO SHARP LOOKING I LOVE IT!

  • still need to work it into my style tho, I followed a tutorial for this one

  • thx buddy!


Illustrations has been published.

Beautiful Disaster

  • lol

  • looks fine to me :) and I'm glad that you're back :D also that's like my 3rd grade imagination in a nutshell

  • yes, I know it has bad anatomy aight?