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Ok .... I got a question.... When I turn year 11 and my favourite cousin comes to high school as year 7 I'm worried and I'm gonna be worried like I dunno what to do.....I can't protect him cause he'll hate me for it. I TRIED HELPING MY FRIENDS AND WHAT HAPPENED!!!??? I LOST THEM ALL....!!! AND I CANT HELP ANYONE I TRY TO BE NICE BUT THE TRUTH IS..... I HAVE DEPRESSION OK I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TYPE BUT I FOUND OUT ABOUT A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO!!! I can't tell the doctors or theyll probs send me away or make me take pills some kids say they'll take blood samples whatever it IS I'M NOT DOING IT!!! I'LL LIVE MY LIFE DEPRESSSED WHAT CAUSED IT!!!?? MY FRIENDS, PEOPLE LEAVING AND APPEARING OR THE OTHER WAY ROUND OUT OF MY LIFE SO I'M SORRY IF OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME BUT YOU CAN'T BLAME ME ...... I HAVE FUCKING AUTISM AND I AM 15 WITH NO FRIENDS IRL I GOT KICKED OUT THE PLACE I HANG AROUND WITH MY STEP COUSINS AND MY 2 BEST FRIENDS THST CHILLED WITH ME MOVED AWAY SO I'M SORRY I TRIED TO BE NICE!!!!!!!
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  • Katie_catt
    I’ve learned that I won’t need friends to live. The pain of losing all of them because a new girl came and replaced me was too much. I try not to make friends, because I’ve learned my lesson. I hope you understand that nothing will ever go the way you want. Moving away is not as bad as replacement, so try writing a letter to them sometime, and you may soon be pen pals OwO Good luck in life, Katie
  • Sonic the hedgehog
    > TitanPega
    Thanks for helping....((nice way))
  • Sonic the hedgehog
    > TitanPega
  • TitanPega
    > Charnel the skeleton
    My brother is autistic (Asperger Syndrome). He has embraced that he is different and it doesn't bother him at all. In fact his autism causes him to not care at all, which is why you could say that he is the happiest out of all of us.
    But he knows that he is loved by his therapy mates, his therapy counsellors, his coworkers, his church and most importantly his family.
    So how would I feel if I had autism? Depends on the autism, but I think that I wouldn't focus too much on my flaws but rather on my strengths.