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  • > NataliaBatista hey! Thanks! I did! This is just a right to left version of the comic.

  • Nice first chapter! Will you do more of this? I love the cover and the designs for the princess!

  • > Raphael Day hey thanks! i draw this one last year i just translated it to right-to-left lol

  • This is really cool! I LOVED that double-page, it's so impactful! Is it me or did your art skills improve while drawing the One-Shot?


Comics has been published.


Ch. 1 Lanzenreiter

  • > Jajanken thank you!

  • This is incredible, the world building is just sooooo amazing. I’d love to see more

  • > DanDraw Thank you!

  • I forgot what this was called. But i am happy to see it again!