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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
3 hours / Day
Charging I do commissions on DA, my username is TrulySerenity :)

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I'm leaving Medi

  • im so sorry im not more active and commenting and such, im usually super busy with school and i usually check other people's posts around when i go to post something, because im more active then. either way, i hope the best for you

  • im sorry im not here like normal. long story short i pulled a big stupid and now im not aloud on medi. i sneak on. but i have now no way of talking to you, im sorry... goodbye...

  • a lot of people see you art! and its all so so lovely. ik i havent been online too much but your art is so beautiful <3

  • I'm so sorry I hadn't checked your account in a while. crap has been going on in my life and all that. I understand why you wanta leave, just know that if you decide to stay or come back, I will always be here! but along with Crayon, I can't go to DA or TH because of age and parents, so yeah, :P but whatever you decide it's up to you. Do what you think is best and what you want. not what other people want.


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I might leave Medi, sorry

  • maybe if you wanted you could do both but have deviantart be your primary thing so that way at least you could make money? idk

  • I gonna miss u...

  • ight....i guess you gonna head out? Darn.....welp uh...take care! Luv U!💜💜

  • plays* I can't spell also I said vent earlier and for some reason it autocoerrected to event?


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Happy Thanksgiving oof

  • mine was boring and I almost puked. anyway, does your mom see how badly your sis treats you? I bet what ever you make taste amazing. I can only make spaghett...

  • But yeehaw, if anyone ever reads this, how was your Thanksgiving?

  • I basically got pissed off, said goodnight, and went to bed around 8:30 It's currently 10:48 and I've been watching old Steven Universe episodes because that's what I do when I'm upset with myself

  • So then because of that, my mum yelled at me and said I was lazy and I never do anything to help around the house. Which isn't true.


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Yeehaw have a Christmas card

  • Oh yea, and my friend is getting me a real chest binder for Christmas and I'm super excited

  • But ye, am I the only one who's ready for Christmas?

  • And the best part is I won't have to worry about being harassed by her sister because she won't be there. So overall I have mixed feelings for Thanksgiving this year. I'm excited for SUF tho, it's coming out in a couple weeks

  • Yee haw, I'm ready for Christmas. You how I've ranted about the girl who has harassed me in the past? Well her twin sister is holding a "Friendsgiving" and invited a ton of her friends (including me! yay!someone actually cares about me! 🤗) but didn't invite her sister. So basically we're all gonna hang out tomorrow and I'll be with actual good people, while baking and cooking etc


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Thank you...

  • im realpy glad you're okay

  • i- i don't know what to say... thank you...

  • well its good your talking to someone about this.... its the best choice

  • oh wow that's heavy deep, man. hope you get better w the therapy though (oh wow, this is. this is really amazing. how did we get here, really?)


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goodnight. ill be gone in the morning.

  • I was never excepting all of the positive feedback, I'm not quite sure how to respond to it all... but thank you all

  • please stay alive. i know its tough, but regardless, if you die you wont get to see what comes once things get better. and things Do get better, even if it doesnt seem like they will. please just remember that people care about you, even when you feel alone, we care. Just... remember that, please.

  • Im so sorry this had to happen. I dont know you well and you dont know me but thats ok right? Anyway, i dont think that you should hurt yourself like that. No one in the world deserves to die. Especially not people like you. I am very sure that you are a very sweet person and dont deserve any harm. Just whatever you do, please dont hurt yourself. Stay Strong and Stay with us, the ones who love you. :)

  • then I'll stay alive for you


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ugh I was contemplating suicide

  • neither of us are strong enough right now, but I have a feeling that if we stick together, we can get through it all

  • well i cant talk to you because im in trouble. my life has turned to hell and im not strong enough to go against it

  • you aren't a terrible friend. I love talking to you, don't do this. I'm the one who's a bad friend. I'm dumping all of this garbage on you...

  • so im the worst friend ever...... i do care! im just grounded and shouldnt be here. but its okay, because ill be joining you soon


Illustrations has been published.

🍂 Autumn Hugs 🍂

  • Oh, ok. That explains a lot. Thank you so much!

  • aw cute!

  • ah yeah same its because the frozen people were removed, you 100% do not deserve it at all. trust me. your art is really pretty

  • Also let's just admire the fact that I lost 40+ followers overnight for some reason but I mean I deserve it so...