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did this in photoshop and put it here

  • i use photoshop on my computer, mostly for school, but sometimes I don't do work lol thank you very much for the compliments :O

  • woah you have photoshop??? lucky lol, on my cpu I use krita-- also this is rlly good! I love your style

  • srry bout the blurriness, i did it on a rlly small canvas and had to email it to myself


Illustrations has been published.

a thing a secret santa thing

  • Np

  • >Cup_Boi Thank you very much! I'll make sure to fix that for next time! :)

  • -this was just some constructive criticism

  • Oh the right knee I would make the overlaying bandaid a bit more flat because you don’t want to mistake it as something floating unless you made it like that on purpose!