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Creator: ko13
Summary: When I was wrote this Japanese book in 1996.
In this time some thing name was changes now.
Now I am try to rewrite to transfer English edition this book.
I am sorry, about not advance my English level.
This working so hard to me, but I am do the best.
I mistake English word but if you adds enjoying it, I feel thanks full.
So many years passed, but never lost it record.
Still shining this book.
Because we can’t not never meet to Norichika type.
He was really genesis.
Now days, so many Karate player having to his effective in the world.
Norichika was miracle.
I think nothing any more, never appear this type forever.
Also, Kunihiro type, too.
He was seems like an old Japanese SAMURI figure
Completely different type of the battle, it was very dramatic.
I hope you will have enjoying read this e-book.
I think It not only Karate, another martial arts, maybe or other what kind of sports loving people, for everyone enjoy this e-book.

Writer Koji Oonuma, 2015 summer
Price: ¥500