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Creator: OhGodHelpMe
Summary: The 7th arc of Death by Ex-Girlfriend

The fox goddess Inari Ookami has been on the run, hunted by her fellow gods and their legions of exorcists for centuries. Now backed into a corner, she prepares to stand her ground and fight off her pursuers, knowing full well she may not make it.

Fate ultimately brings Inari Ookami and Osamu Ashikaga together during this time, both of them suffering from years of pain and heartache. Though the fox goddess is resentful of humans, she teams up with Osamu to fend off the pursuing exorcists, thus beginning the pivotal event that would be known as the Inari Standoff.

This is a tale of tragedy, blood, and love. A tale of two people, one human, and one god, finding themselves in each other, and vowing to stay by each other until the end.
Price: Free