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Creator: OrangeJuiceArt
Summary: What if your figurative heart was a literal object? An object that is protected by locks and keys? An object that can be broken or healed? This is Lapis’ world. In her world the heartless roam the streets at night, and determination is everything! It is here that Lapis Mao struggles to fix her crushed heart. After trying to get over the loss of her parents, living a gloomy everyday routine, she’s rescued by the red-eyed charmer, Urian, who has a mysterious occupation that he refuses to reveal.
She stumbles into Urian’s life of never-ending adventure and he becomes the glue to her broken heart. He tells her about the mythical creatures that live beyond the confines of the day, and shows her that there is nothing to fear behind the curtain of morning.
She takes his heart in her hands, but is doubtful to give her own. Sadly, with one unfortunate encounter with a heartless duke, Lapis is faced with a struggle to keep Urian alive as she defends her own heart as well.
Price: Free