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Creator: woody Djedje Joseph
Summary: Synopsis:
Ouija realm is a uniquely composed story about the unexpected journey of four friends into the depths of hell, and back again. Along the way they uncover hidden truths and concepts about life and existence and ‘the powers that be’; keeping the natural order of things in the most eccentric of ways. Whilst being humans who have managed to enter Ouija in their human forms they have thus created a paradigm shift, whereby the realm is attempting to restore balance by assuming them as entities of Ouija. With this rare Phenom at hand, the children of the paradigm trigger a bidding war amongst the 7 antic princes of Ouija and other major factions in a race to attain these children for their own heinous deeds and endeavours. Having made an accomplice, one whom the children aren’t too keen to trust at first; they are swept by an archaic school of thought as they learn the harsh realities of survival within this realm...kill or be killed.
Price: Free