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Creator: OhGodHelpMe
Summary: 7 Years after Inari Standoff, Osamu is forced into a very complicated situation. He is the most wanted man in all of Heaven, and he has no choice but to take refuge under a vampire's roof. That's right, a vampire.

Hima Chinagaregawa looks like a little girl, but she is a 100+ year old descendant of Count Dracula himself. This little girl just might agree to help Osamu, but only if she entertains him by sharing the story of his past, the story of how he first became suicidal.

Osamu wasn't always the brave, lady-magnet and protector we all currently know him to be. There was a time when, like you and I, Osamu was a just a normal, cowardly, scared, and fragile human. His original decision to leave Kyoto many years ago was one plagued by tragedy, depression, and an urge to escape certain suicide if he stayed.

The Corpse's Romance is a look into the future after Inari Standoff, and a bittersweet tale of the past, and Osamu's decision to leave Kyoto.
Price: Free