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Creator: ѕтυdιo ѕεժαოɪ
Summary: Dani Akiyama has never been social. Ever since she could remember she liked to keep to herself but her speech disorder has been the rising cause of constant bullying among her peers. And upon entering secondary school the bullying against Dani worsens. And it all could be blamed on one person.

Seiji Higa -Dani's biggest bully- despises her and has made it his mission throughout secondary school to make her life a living hell. Soon Dani becomes the most hated person in her whole school. People cringed at the sight of her, laughed when misfortune happens to her and because of this Dani becomes even more extremely shy and introverted while friendless. Feeling that everyone is against her Dani's dreads everyday of her school life.

Until one bold day, when an incident occurs causes Dani to punch Seiji. To get back at Dani, Seiji decides to befriend her -unknowingly to Dani that it's all fake- in hopes of breaking her in the end. Nobody expected the outcome.
Price: Free