Table of Contents
Creator: NinetailDragon
Summary: Maekaig, the God Dragon of Eternity created several Dragons to kill him if he would to gone mad.
Ignis, the King of Fire.
Terra, the King of Earth
Volt, the King of Lightning
Iris, the Queen of Ice.
Aero, the Queen of Earth.
Yin, the Queen of Dark.
Yang, the King of Light.
All seven would rule their Kingdoms and Maekaig would go through a deep sleep for millennium.
As century past, peace was there, until conflicts erupt among the seven Kingdoms. War started by the Dragons and with the constant fighting for years, humanity rebel.
The seven Dragons was force to isolated them self from humanity and they did. Hide them selves in isolated regions of the Kingdoms, never to be seen again.
Humanity gain freedom, such as peace prevail among the seven Kingdom. Millennium later, five people would want to revive Maekaig as Kingdoms across would soon grow through conflicts.
A young boy journey begins in Inferno, the boy with extraordinary power.
Price: Free