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Creator: YeongEunnie
Summary: Kurouasa Yuake moves to a small town in Chiba and starts attending a new school there, where he soon garners an interest for the class outcast: Yamada Yuuki.

He soon learns that Yuuki purposely distances herself from others due to her heart condition that could take her life at any given moment, but in an unexpected turn of events, she decides to humour Yuake's new found interest in her and allows him to be her 'stalker.'

With his new title, Yuake slowly learns more and more about Yuuki, which she hopes will encourage him to take his distance also, but only has the opposite effect of pulling him closer to her.

Yuake hopes to help Yuuki find the silver lining of the rain cloud she's always standing under, but with her worsening condition, can he really give this dying girl the will to make the most of the short time she has left?

[This book is ongoing, it is not complete.]
Price: Free