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Creator: mixhellemallari
Summary: Waking up with a strange letter in his room wasn't exactly how Rain imagined how his day would start. It was an admission letter from a particular elite academy. How it got there, he has no idea. And what better way to find out than go to the said academy itself?

Celestia Academy.
A prestigious academy that only accepts those gifted beyond belief. Not a single soul in Celestia have not heard of its name and the grandeur it brought with it.

Even an academy that shines under the spotlight has its own secrets. Secrets that have been buried as centuries pass, Rain unknowingly stumbles upon them. And the more he knew, the more he realizes how he is no outsider to these dark secrets.If anything else, he's among the ones that are at the very core of it.

Will Rain survive long enough to uncover all of its secrets?
Or rather, can he fit all the puzzle pieces together fast enough to come out of this ordeal alive?
Price: Free