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Creator: OhGodHelpMe
Summary: Meet Osamu Ashikaga. He returns to Kyoto after 4 years away, expecting a short trip down memory lane...only to be kidnapped by one of his ex-girlfriends. But it's not just one, Osamu has several crazy dames vying for his heart, and sometimes his blood.

In Aika Crisis, the star of the story is Aika Mihara, one of Osamu's exes. Things have changed dramatically in the 4 years Osamu has been away, including Aika's heart. How much anger, love, and misery can be bottled up in just 4 years? Enough to kill you.

Osamu and his not-so-sane exes try to save Aika's life before it can ever be in danger. But sometimes, love stops giving you things and begins taking them away, without mercy.

It's funny, it's crude, it's sexy, it's endearing. It's Death by Ex-Girlfriend.
Price: Free