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Manga & Illustration contest "MCPO Award 2017" now open to entry !


Medibang Inc.

Our Manga & Illustration contest in collaboration with Manga CPO is now open to entry !!
The "MCPO Awardd 2017" !

Entry Period
Thurs Nov 17th 2016 ~ Wed Feb 15th 2017

There is a cash prize of 300,000 JPY (about 2800 USD) for the manga grand prize winner and 150.000 JPY (about 1300 USD) for the illustration grand prize winner !! And both will be published in magazines !

Famous Japanese mangaka such as Ueyama Tochi (Cooking Papa), Rikudô Kôshi (Excel Saga) and Minazuki Suu (Heaven's Lost Property) and illustrators such as Mikimoto Haruhiko (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) will be part of the jury !

We are waiting for your entries :)
Do not hesitate to share this news around you !