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Your illustration will become the cover art for a novel!?

Your illustration will become the cover art of a unique novel and it will be a chance for many to see your artwork!

The winning entries will be used for the cover art of the novel!

Selected entries (novels) will be distributed in about 25 e-book stores!

(Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, BOOK ☆ WALKER, Comic Cmoa, etc ...)

With extraordinary confidence, submit your best novel a cover art!

List of Novels to create a cover for

We are looking for cover images of novels for the following 9 works and 20 volumes.


The Fallen Star at the Sea of Okhotsk①

The Fallen Star at the Sea of Okhotsk②

The Fallen Star at the Sea of Okhotsk③

/ Hirobata

Synopsis ※①〜③common

Sergeant Sakoda recived permission to go out on break as his girlfriend, Tanya laid in bed.
Tanya slept close to Sakota's body.
Her plump breast against Sakoda's chest, their feet entangled. Right hand is on his crotch.
Sakoda is so manly but has a cute sleeping face. Without cuddling under his thick arms, Tanya can't sleep.
Occasionally, if if their bodies touch, they make love deeply after a hot kiss.
If the headquarters knew that a sergeant against the Russian fleet in a disturbing movement is dating a Russian woman, there is no doubt that disciplinary actions will be taken.
Sakoda is leaving the Self-Defense Forces at the end of this year and wants to live with Tanya.
They started dating four months ago ...
A sequel to the meteor of the East China Sea.
A new enemy appeared in the small submarine meteor that destroyed the Chinese fleet and attacked Japan.
The enemy is the military power Russia. They came to take Hokkaido away from Japan.
In the sea of Okhotsk that has frozen, a fierce naval battle will unfold! Near-future SF war entertainment novel.


The Meteor on the East China Sea: Birth Volume①

The Meteor on the East China Sea: Birth Volume②

The Meteor on the East China Sea: Birth Volume③

/ Hirobata

Synopsis ※①〜③common

Masao entered the office without making a noise. Yamashita wasn't there, only a pure white uniformed Madonna and a young self-defense officer.
Masao closed the door. They looked at Masao.
Aimed by the young self-defense officer with a rifle, his gun went "bang, bang!" It was an easy shot to the chest. Madonna did not speak. Normally, even a man screams, but this woman said nothing.
The gun was aimed at Madonna Madonna's chest, and gradually moved closer.
Madonna wrinkled her eyebrows and scolds Masao.
"If you're gonna shoot, shoot early!"
Madonna teared the buttons from her pure white shirt with both hands, and looked him in the eyes.
Masao stopped in his tracks.
"Shoot already."
She spoke with a strong voice.
Masao inhaled and exhaled.
“You don't have the guts. You ’re good at using weapons, and you almost had the shot.”
“So, what's your purpose, what are you aiming for? What do you want, the submarine data? No way I risked my life just so you could have sex with me."
At the end of the 20th century, Tokodaira's China adopted a market economy opening policy aimed at overcoming Taiwan's pacification and Japan, earning foreign currency and strengthening its military power. The Self-Defense Forces will secretly build a new small submarine to counter it!
Laughter, tears, spectacular action, entertainment novel.


Polymer Visits / Tomo


"I'm saying it's impossible to cut your body ..."
"Try it out first before saying that."
Gou, who couldn't go home, couldn't help but to touch the plastic bottles.
Soon after he did, a light began to spread around Gou and the plastic bottles.
A vortex of light violently flowed backward.
"What is it?"
Gou frowned in glare.
“Each person has a mission. We all must to fulfill that mission.”
A woman's voice that I had never heard before spoke in his ear.
It was a pleasant voice that was soothing and fascinating.
“From this day on we are partners. the two of us will become one. Well, hows that for a secret?”
Their meeting was here, he whispered.
The light flowed towards Gou.
Gou screamed.
And ... lost consciousness.
Gou is a science rescearch college student. One day, a student brought a mysterious plastic bottle into the laboratory.
A mysterious plastic bottle that cannot be damaged by scissors or a cutter. The plastic bottletalked to Go.
Gou has been chosen ... The battle was about to begin.

love theme

The Troubled Boys and Sweet Heart

/ Shinobu Suzui


"Itsumu. I...."
Huh? As I was thinking that, Yuhi quickly walked up to me.
Yuhi's face suddenly approached mine,
"~~ !?"
I ... I was kissed ...! ?
Of course, his lips are ... yes, no doubt.
It was just a moment, but I was kissed ... by a man!
you're kidding…….
I'm completely frozen.
And I let him ki ... No ~!!
"Itsumu, I like you."
While I was in a state confusion, Yuhi told me calmly. But ... but ...
"Eh ... uh ... I like you as a friend too ...?"
“No! I like you like you, Itsumu Miyoshi.”
Miyoshi was supposed to be an ordinary and high school boy. The day he was planning on confessing to Shuka Oga, he fell witness to a shocking moment, when he was suddenly confessed to my best friend Yuhi Enjo. Furthermore, the site was seen by Mizunami Miyamori ...! ? A slapstick comedy depicting a strange exchange between four men and women.

love theme

"If You Were To..." 1/ Rin


Childhood friends Yuuki and Maki are attending the same school. While being attracted to each other, it is difficult for them to convey their feelings. But tragedy strikes when Maki learns he/she has been infected with the HIV virus ...

love theme

"If You Were To..." 2/ Rin


Yuuki and Maki who went through middle school to high school together. With his/her love for Yuuki, Maki fights against the illness, and Yuuki dedicates everything for Maki's happiness. However, the illness will surely overpower Maki's body…

love theme

Orange Classroom①

Orange Classroom②

/ Kaaya

Synopsis ※①〜②common

An empty corridor, an empty classroom.
After school, I like to stick around and smeel the air.
Oh, the classroom is open ...
Chinatsu stopped in front of the classroom door, and saw a figure with the setting sun in the west shinning in.
The person who was looking out the window was a man around 20 years old who was too old to be familiar with the classroom.
Chinatsu stepped forward as if sucked in, but also scared.
Chinatsu stumbled at the desk and looked back at the man.
"Oh ..."
"Oh ... !!!! Sorry, I'm not a suspicious person."
"I graduated from here."
On the contrary, that made it more suspicious.
"It's true."
"……What are you doing?"
He paused for a minute then pointed out the window.
"I'm looking for something."
"...? ...... Is that so? Please close lock the door and return the key to the staff room when you're finished then."
Chinatsu grabed the bento box on her desk then headed her back to the door.
“So, that ’s it?”
"Huh ... what do you mean?"
"It's nothing ... See you later"
"Will you come again?"
"If I don't find what I'm looking for."
“Is it that important? Why are you looking for it now?”
"Will you hear me out?"
"Sigh ... Make it brief."
After school one day, a girl meets a stranger in her classroom. He says he's a graduate. Chinatsu, who has trouble expressing her emotions, and Masaomi, a man who is in search of something.
In the circumstances of Masami, Chinatsu unavoidably helps him to find what he's looking for. What days lay ahead of the search and for these two?

love theme

The Clock Boy①

The Clock Boy②

/ Kohei Watanabe

Synopsis ※①〜②common

In a forest there lived an old researcher and a boy who loved to draw.
The boy hated the rain and asked the researcher to make a device that stopped the rain, but in exchange, the boy lost his color vision.
Desperate boy then asked the old man to make a clock that ends his life, and set the time his life will end as six years in the future.

love theme

The Door to my Heart~Open Heart~①

The Door to my Heart~Open Heart~②

/ YuMe

Synopsis ※①〜②common

Suddenly, the childhood friends, Hiroto and Rin, were separated by their parents.
Although both of them still held on to their small dream ...
They thought they would never meet again.
Their dream came true when they reunited at high school.
However, it was a very harsh event for Rin.
The jealously of a best friend and the past memories of parents ...
After reuniting with Rin, the mysteries and pasts that Hiroto did not know become clear.
Hiroto's dream, Rin's dream.
What is the dream that they had?
They still have a long way to go to get to that dream...

love theme

~I Long to See You~①

~I Long to See You~②

~I Long to See You~③

~I Long to See You~④

/ Atsuki

Synopsis ※①〜④common

"What's wrong with wanting to hold the woman you love..."
One day, university student Atsugi picks up his best friend, Ren, and high school students Mana and Yuka.
Though he has exchanged emails with Mana, he couldn't keep up with her unique atmosphere and thought they would never meet again.
I want her, my beloved ...
But I don't want to get hurt, I want to cherish her ..
. A story depicting a young man suffering from love conflicts.

About Applying: Please Note!

・When submitting an illustration, download the following template file and create an illustration according to the template size. (size: horizontal: 1920px, vertical: 2560px)

・Since this contest is about creating cover art for a novel, we recommend creating data in color mode CMYK format.

・If you want to use the PSD file as a template, we recommend that you first post using a PNG file before posting it as a PSD.

・MDP files are RGB format data. Please use MediBang Paint to open it.

・Please draw ONLY illustrations. NO TEXTS. The name of the work and author will be added by GOMA BOOKS.

PSD Template ↓
MDP Template↓
size: horizontal: 1920px, vertical: 2560px

Enter in 3 easy step

  • 1Draw a illustration

  • 2Check the box next to the banner


  • 3Submit to ART street


Submission Details

Entry Period
Nov. 1st 2019 - 5:00p.m. (JST) on Jan. 14th 2020
Entry Format
* 300 dpi or more, horizontal: 1920px ✕ vertical: 2560px
* Please use a template.
・Applicable for both professionals and amateurs.
・Applicable for team works.
・Multiple works can be submitted.
・Limited to primary works that entrants own the composition rights to, as well as unpublished works may be entered.
・No plagiarism or double (duplicate) submissions to contests other than ART street.
・Please refrain from violent or sexual expressions. In some cases, your work may be deleted and/or your account may be suspended.
・Drawings that infringe on the rights of third parties such as copyrights and art copyrights are strictly prohibited.
・Please apply without including the title and author of the novel on your illustrations. Goma Books will add the title and author of the award-winning works.
・The layout may be adjusted or modified.
・Please keep the original data during the period from the start of the contest application period until the result announcement.
How to Enter
【Enter from the ART street website】
1. User registration on ART street.
2. Click on "submit" on ART street.
3. Upload from “Illustration” in JPG, PNG, MDP or PSD format.
4. For the title of the uploaded illustration, enter the title of the novel depicting the cover art from the "List of Novels" and attach the tag GOMABOOKS_Contest
5. Click "Submit and Publish.

【Enter from MediBang Paint】
1. Download and regeister in MediBang Paint.
2. After completing the entry, fill in the title of the illustration with the title of the novel from the “List of Novels”, and post it on ART Street with the tag GOMABOOKS_Contest
Cover Art Approval (up to 20)
By entering in this contest, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions detailed in the Contest Rules, so please read them thoroughly before you enter. Please note that submitted works cannot be edited or deleted after the entry period is over, however tags (not including the contest tag) can still be added.

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