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Grand Prix¥150,000



Winner's Comment

It's a very rare experience to be able to have my work seen and rated by so many people!
I'm really curious to know if people were able to understand what I was trying to say in my work, since it's only a single image!
I am very happy to have my work chosen for the Grand Prix from so many amazing drawings! Thank you very much!

Grand Prize¥100,000


Titlethe strength

Winner's Comment

To be awarded such a wonderful prize makes me very happy.
I want to strive more every day as well and create more wonderful works.
Thank you very much!

Runner-up's Prize¥50,000


TitleSea of Tears

Special AwardCertificate and Signed Board


Title요한 계시록- 바벨론의 여자-


I’m very grateful to God and to the judging panel for choosing my unworthy work. I know it doesn’t mean that you've acknowledged my skills, but I’m ecstatic to know that you believe in my potential; or at least that's how I feel about receiving the Incentive Award.




I see it as your way of encouraging me and I will continue to try and do my best!! Thank you very much!!

Incentive AwardCertificate and Signed Board


TitleAutumn napping