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2019 Medi-Chan Summer Fashion Dressup Contest Results|Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Thank you for all of your summer fashion Medi-chan illustrations!

The next winner will be chosen from 1598 illustrations!

We Sincerely Apologize.

We would like to apologize to all contestants who participanted in the "2019 Medi-chan Summer Fashion Dressup Contest" for our late results announcement. We would kindly ask you to wait a little longer while we review the results.

Grand Prize(¥30,000+MediBangPaint official social network released)

ART street Comment

The theme for this style the artist chose was not a straight-forward "This is summer!" kind of image and reminds you more of a starry sky in summer. The color of the dress and the translucency of the cardigan create a refreshing feeling that makes you feel cool even in summer. By wearing a casquette-style hat with a pretty outfit, it also isn't too feminine, In addition, the stars decorating Medi-chan give a great tone, and we felt it was a wonderful summer outfit! The summer night sky is really beautiful! We were amazed by the fresh design of the author, which is why we have chosen this work as the Grand Prize winner.

Excellent Award(¥10,000+MediBang original goods)

ART street Comment

This under-the-sea design reminds you of mermaids and deep blue tresures, a cool color scheme made to feel like summer. The idea of a shell-shaped headdress and the places where the sea friends are wrapped in bubbles and floating around Medi-chan is also very attractive!

ART street Comment

There are so many color schemes that make you feel like summer, and wearing them kind of gives the feel of a summer festival. This fun rock design is very easy on the eyes and can also feel like summer the Black-toned fashion that gives Medi-chan a new impression. Also, the place where her three friends are badges on her hat was also a creative point!