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Costs covered by MediBang

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Commissioned Translation,

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Sent to Stores

Commissioned Translation

Fixed-rate translation fee

Your untranslated content

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Our Clients

  • KENZsoft
    Game Developer

    Being able to expand our sales channels worldwide without any effort on our end is the best part. They also put a lot of care into their campaign planning and we see that revenue continuing for time to come.

  • Artlink
    Game Publisher

    In an industry where bishojo games have reached their peak domestically, every day we have felt the steady rumblings of increased demand overseas. We make sure all our titles are available to meet that demand.

  • Julian Publishing
    Manga Publisher

    From translation to distribution, you can leave the whole process in MediBang's hands and it's a huge help. They are always finding new stores as well and things are constantly growing.

Our Library

  • おなかにいっぱい、あやかしの種
    Spirits over Flowing within Me
  • 奥様はα
    My Wife is an Alpha
  • 私立帝城学園-四逸-
    The Teijo Academy
  • お前の恋はおれのもの
    Your Love Belongs to Me
  • 希うオリゾンテ
    Orison: A Wish A Prayer
  • 突然女の子になったので、俺のおっぱい揉んでみませんか?
    I Just Turned Into A Girl, Wanna Feel Me Up?
  • パンティストッキングのような空の下
    A Pantyhose like World
  • 神待ちサイト ~出逢い編~
    Kamimachi Site - Dating story
  • NekoMiko


  • indiegala
  • tapas
  • FAKKU!
  • +40Stores


The subtleties of translating emotion, tone and other non-verbal communication require the deft hand of a fluent speaker, and our staff aren't just fluent: they're native. Our multicultural team of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and English speakers provide high-quality localizations, performed and proofread by experts who live and breathe the target language and culture.

The Translation Process

  • Translation

    MediBang manages your translation using native speakers from around the world

  • Typesetting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ready For Distribution
  • Distribution Plus

    Costs covered by MediBang

    No upfront costs

  • Commissioned Translation,

    Fixed-rate translation fee

    An even higher return to you

  • Commissioned Translation

    Fixed-rate translation fee

    Rights to translation go back to you

Promotion With MediBang

With experience handling over 2,000 titles, we curate a sales plan for your content, including promotions, bundles, and review strategies to make sure your title gets - and stays - in the spotlight.

General Sales Campaigns

A single MediBang campaign is all that's needed for sales on multiple stores

Bundle Campaigns

As many as 3,000 bundle sales in three weeks

Your content can also be incorporated into bundles on supported stores.

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