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We currently supply over 8,000 titles to stores in over 100 different countries.
Not only do we handle all communication with the stores, we also continue to manage your content once distributed, obtain sales reports, and process payments.

Customer VoicesVoices

We distribute over 8,000 manga and games to overseas stores.

  • PublisherShueisha

    We always appreciate your speedy translations.
    Thanks to you, we are able to publish the newest chapters of many of our works in Japan and abroad at the same time.
    Shonen Jump+ Editorial Department

  • PublisherKADOKAWA

    We were able to request everything from translation to creation of data for online e-books, and it was a complete lifesaver! Even last minute edits weren't a problem and tasks got carried out on time before the deadline!

  • PublisherJulian Publishing

    We were able to leave the entire process to MediBang, which was such a relief! The number of partner stores is also increasing by the day, which means increased profits too!

  • Game Publisherqureate

    They have a wide array of services you can count on, such as translation and publishing for overseas stores. Their satisfaction rating amongst users outside of Japan is also really high! Since they're such a big player in the market, the number of opportunities to reach potential clients is endless!

Content handled by MediBangContents

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Achievements of Distribution StoresStores

At MediBang, we have experience with a variety of stores that match every distribution scale, trend, and target audience.
We will help distribute your work to as many users as possible.
Some of our content has surpassed 15 million yen in sales since the start of their distribution through our stores.

Toomics 99,220,000 PV, BookWalker 63,903,000 PV, DLsite 361,200,000 PV, NOOKBooks 72,657,000 PV, KindleStore 571,000,000 PV, HumbleBundle, Tapas, LezhinComics, 漫画人, FAKKU, RakutenKobo, Fanatical, indiegala, Izneo, Tappytoon, MANGA.CLUB, MANGA Plaza, Denpasoft, Manga Planet, MangaCat, JuneManga, GOG ...and more!


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