Here at MediBang, we use a multi-step process to bring our readers the best reading experience possible for manga and games.
First, titles are translated into their target language (Japanese, English, Chinese. Korean, Spanish, etc.)
Then the typesetting process of clearing out and replacing the text takes place. Our localization efforts truly shine here, creating a culturally comprehendible experience for readers of all backgrounds!
The translation is supervised by native speakers of each language to ensure that titles maintain the feeling of the original language.

MediBang Localization Localization

MediBang Paint and ART street were originally started from our desire to share creator content with fans all over the world.
This feeling has carried over into our other projects, with teams headed by individuals who share a strong love of all things manga, anime, game, and pop culture!


Our translators consist of a large number of bilingual native speakers (English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish), who have all attained high-ranking levels of certification on the JLPT.
Translations at our company are carried out by these individuals who not only take into consideration the meaning of the base word, but the cultural context surrounding it.
As words continue to evolve and change, it becomes more and more important to have speakers that can localize content correctly.


By utilizing our company's other platforms, we have acquired typesetters with a high degree of technical abilities.
Our localization efforts aim to preserve not only the original look, but also the feeling of the original manga and games.

Manga (horizontal), Webtoon (vertical), Games, Anime, etc.
Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Korean, Spanish
  • *Please ask about other language translations!


MediBang collaborates with a variety of renowned manga publishers such as Shueisha's platform "MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA" and Kadokawa's platform "BOOK☆WALKER" to deliver the joy of manga to readers all over the world!

Translation ProcessProcess

  • Translation

    Translations carried out by various native translators from around the world for MediBang.

  • Typesetting

    Releasing quality titles where the meaning of the original is unchanged!

  • Double Check

    Native speaking staff do the final check before release.

  • Distribution Process

    Sending out client's products to locations all over the world!

Available PackagesPlans

At MediBang, we offer several types of packages to allow us to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Alternatively, there are packages where initial costs are covered by MediBang.

Translation & Distribution "Omakase" Package
CostsCovered by MediBang
Translation & Distribution Package
CostsFixed-rate fee
Translation Only Package
CostsFixed-rate fee
Content rights holder
Titles with arranged translations or untranslated content
Untranslated titles
Untranslated titles
Distribution of original and translated titles

Arriving at stores

Translation to Distribution

Arriving at stores

No initial costs
Retain higher total revenue
Acquisition of rights possible


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