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Eight Runners Up

  • Artist 銀甫
    Title 赤蝶

    Jump editorial staff comments

    More than anything, we were impressed with the quality and style of the line work.
    We have to say that there is a difference between an illustration and manga, especially in regards to the design.
    In manga, you need to put all your energy into making the characters and the scenes appealing to readers.
    At this point, we think you still some challenges.
    Regarding the story, we had the impression that you were thinking about scenes you wanted to make in the future as you were drawing. In the future we want you to focus on what would make it easier for the readers to get into the scenes you're currently working on.

  • Artist 天上天下

    Jump editorial staff comments

    You’re very good at crafting a story. Especially in the dramatic sense. However, we noticed there seemed to be some influence from a popular manga. Getting influence from existing work isn’t a bad thing, but if readers feel that influence as well it may take away from their enjoyment. We think you should strive to create a unique character, that only you could create. We hope that next time you take this into consideration when making your next manga.

  • Artist VanRah
    Title Red

    Jump editorial staff comments

    This manga’s overwhelmingly impressive art caught our eye. This manga would probably appeal to readers who mainly care about the atmosphere of the art. During the dialog scenes we felt there were too many close up shots. We think that if you pulled back the camera and showed more, it would make it easier to read. We think it’s something you can put into practice immediately so please keep it in mind in the future.

  • Artist KaoruOkino
    Title Prisma

    Jump editorial staff comments

    The art, story, presentation and character were all very shonen manga like. It was a lot of fun to read all the way to the end. We feel you have the ability to make a complete manga. One minor problem we felt is that if there are too many characters around they can overshadow the main character. We want to know how amazing the character is, how they can defeat powerful enemies etc. We’d like you to show us how amazing your main character when you create your next manga.

  • Artist 嵐惡童
    Title 魔方

    Jump editorial staff comments

    The story was well laid out, so this was easy and fun to read. However it felt like we’d seen this story and character type before. We’d like you to bring more originality next time. Manga is made of of many components so the possibilities are unlimited. Just adding your own original component to your manga can create an advantage for you.

  • Artist 水平果
    Title 編輯小姐

    Jump editorial staff comments

    The story of a child who wants to become a manga artist and a laid back manga editor crossing paths. We were touched by this manga. We think you have the ability to craft a story that moves peoples’ hearts. The art style was very cute and not overly flashy. It fit the story well. Finally we felt the layout was well done and easy to read.
    The story about the editor and manga artist’s relationship was a bit too unrealistic for Japan. That might seem like that to us because we’re manga editors ourselves. If you keep that in mind you will be able to move some people that you would have been able to otherwise.

  • Artist CPoring

    Jump editorial staff comments

    This manga really captivated us. The story about a boy and goldfish combining their power in an underwater world was very original. The quality of the art was amazing. The underwater world was extremely detailed and let us clearly visualize a place that would ordinarily be hard to imagine. The goldfish character was also memorable and entertaining. While we liked the setting we thought it might be too much for some readers. The main character being a genius might also make it difficult for readers to have empathy for him. Characters that readers can sympathize with and understand are extremely important in manga. On you next manga we hope you’ll keep that in mind.

  • Artist Tpiu
    Title Draak

    Jump editorial staff comments

    The thin linework helped create a feel good fantasy world. The character designs, expression, and dragons were all impressive. We do think varying the line weight would improve things more. Using thicker lines on the characters will help distinguish them from the backgrounds. We hope you’ll try to use this advice to make more dynamic scenes. In regards to the story the main character’s desire to become a dragon rider didn’t resonate with us. The main character’s reason for saving the child was a bit lacking so we couldn’t empathize during the battle. Lastly using a setting that can only be found in your manga would also help improve it.