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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

The illustrations are released and the battle begins! The illustrations are released and the battle begins!

All you have to do is upload?! Prize Money Campaign All you have to do is upload?! Prize Money Campaign

August 22, 2019(Thur) 00: 00 until November 23, 2019(Fri) 00: 00 (* Japan Time)

The prize is given according to the LEVEL of the published illustration!

The target LEVELs are: LEVEL 1 (1week), LEVEL 2 (2weeks), LEVEL 3 (1month), LEVEL 4 (3months), LEVEL 5 (6months).

You can each recieve an Illustration

As long as you upload you can earn prize money!

LEVEL3 reached 1,600yen total!

LEVEL5 reached 8,600yen total!

LEVEL and prize

For each time you LEVEL UP, the prize amount for each LEVEL will be added.

How To Enter

All you have to do is post an illustration on ART street during the campaign period! Post in 2 easy steps!

Campaign period:
August 22, 2019(Thur) 00: 00 until November 23, 2019(Fri) 00: 00 (* Japan Time)

* "LEVEL UP" until November 25 is eligible for prize money.


Prize amount of each LEVEL

LEVEL 1 (1week): 100 yen

LEVEL 2 (2weeks): 500 yen

LEVEL 3 (1month): 1000 yen

LEVEL 4 (3months): 2000 yen

LEVEL 5 (6months): 5000 yen

・When the submitted work has "LEVELed UP", the prize money will be credited to the user's MediBang account.

(Even if the LEVEL stops in the middle, the prize money deposited in the MediBang account will be retained.)

・In order to receive the prize money, you need to register your account information and apply for a money transfer. The fee will be borne by the user.

* When the user’s balance is less than 1,000 yen a transfer cannot be made.

* If there is no transfer application for one year from the deposit from this campaign, the prize will be forfeited. Please be careful.


・Double submissions of the same work and similar works are not eligible.

Guidelines of submissionshould not be violated as the illustration would be disqualified.

・R18 works and/or works with mild skin exsposure, or that have a lot of skin exposure are not eligible for ART street Arrive.

・Even if the age limit is not set at the time of posting the illustration, if it conflicts with the site guidelines, it will be set it on the management side. Please be aware of these cases.

What is ART streeet Arrive?

ーEverything starts from the moment you release the Illustration ...ー

ART street Arrive is a tournament-type battle function that fights for the survival through 8 LEVELs.

You must survive for one year from the date when you uploaded an illustration.

battleimage battleimage

What is the Key to LEVELing UP? Browse / Comments / Favorites / Share / Goods Let's make this Campaign Popular!


What happens when I LEVEL UP?

Illustrations will have to compete with stronger illustrations at the next leve! As you level up, your strength increases!

※ When you publish an illustration, it will appear in" LEVEL 0 (3days) ", and if you win the battle (maintain popularity), LEVEL UP to "LEVEL 1 (1week)" 3 days after the release! From then on, if you win the battle, the level will increase to “LEVEL 2 (2weeks)” and “LEVEL 3 (1month)”!


Aim for

LEVEL 7 (over1year)!!

If it remains as a popular illustration for more than one year from the date of publication, it will be posted permanently on "LEVEL 7 (over1year)"


Posting is easy! Just 2 easy steps!

  • 1Draw an Illustration!

  • 2Upload it to ART street!


Campaign: Until November 23 (Friday) 00:00 * Japan Time

This will redirect you to the submission page.

Win your Battles & Aim for LEVEL 7! Over 1 year!

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