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ART street 7 Years Anniversary Campaign


Results Annoucement

Although we didn't read 7777 posts, thank you all for your wonderful illustrations!
Please look forward to our contests and campaigns on ART street.

Winner Illustrations

It's June again, and it's ART street's birthday month!
Thanks to all of you, ART street is now 7 years old.
7 is a special number, as is the word "lucky 7".
For this birthday celebration, we have prepared a variety of gifts related to the number 7! So please join us!
And if the number of entries reaches 7777,
we will give away a 7th anniversary brush!

Let's all join together to get the brushes!

How to Participate

We've prepared a template for the 7th anniversary drawing!
Download the template, draw congratulatory illustration for the 7th anniversary, and post it with the tag 7th Anniversary !

7th Anniversary
Download MDP Download PSD Download JPG

Easy download with MediBang Library!Click here for details

All you need is the will to celebrate!
Let's celebrate together and make ART street more exciting!
And let's get lots of presents!

Let's aim! Celebrate with 7777 illustrations!


7th Anniversary

The more people post, the more gifts will be added, so please keep participating!

And more! When the number of congratulatory posts reaches 7777,
all campaign participants will receive a commemorative brush!

Happy Birthday ART street!
Let's celebrate together!!!!

Total number of submissions reaches


June 28, 2021 - July 31,2021


・Please submit illustrations related to the 7th anniversary.
・Please use the drawing template.
・Unlike normal contests, tags must be entered manually by the entrant. We recommend that you lock your tags to prevent third parties from editing them.
・If your submission is not related to the theme, or if the administration deems them inappropriate, we will remove the tag from it.


This time, the ART street editorial team will choose the winners based on our own judgment and prejudice!
Please note that if you do not use the template, you will not be eligible for selection!
Please refer to the ART street congratulation illustrations by the members of the editorial team.


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What is the MediBang Library?

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You can use from the "MediBang Library" on the home screen.

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  • Please follow the submission guidelines.
  • The Winners will be contacted by
    Please check your email inbox and confirm your email settings. If you do not contact us within the reply deadline, you will not be eligible for the prize giveaway!
  • MediBang has right to make the final decision in the selection of winners and the granting of gifts.
  • Prizes will be sent only to those who live in areas where they can be purchased and shipped from Japan.
  • Please note that we cannot send the prizes if we find out after the notification that the prizes cannot be shipped to your area.
  • The corona virus may affecting the transportation.

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