The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

GOOD&Follow Campaign


Normally our events want artist to draw manga or illustrations, but this time we want EVERYONE to participant! That's why we are holding the "GOOD&Follow Capaign"!
How to join is quick and easy! Just leave a "GOOD" mark on your favorite illustration and "Follow" the artist!
50 winners will be chosen by lottery and get an eGift Card equivalent to 1000 yen !☆
Of course creators who have posted mangas or illustrations can participate as well!
This event also helps support our artistic creators, so take the opportunity to give them a follow and a thumbs up!☆

Entry Guidelines

How To Enter

Please “Follow“ the contributors of illustrations that are labeled “Good” & “Good” illustrations during the application period.

※ You need to log in or register to participate in the “Good” & “Follow” campaign.
※ Only those who have confirmed their E-mail address will be entered into the lottery.
※ You can leave a "GOOD" mark on multiple illustrations and "Follow" as many creators as you like!

Entry Dealine

July 12th, (Fri) 2019 ~ August 12thth (Mon) 2019 11:59 PM JST


50 participants will win a eGift Card equivalent to 1000 yen.

※ Winners will be asked which country they will use the eGift Card in through the e-mail address registered with their Medibang Account, so please keep a look out.
After recieving your reply, we will send the eGift Card code to your email address.
※ We will send you the eGift Card code for an amount equivalent to ¥ 1,000.

Important Notes

・ If you leave a "Good" mark & "Follow" a creator, you will be automatically included in the lottery.
・ All registered members of Medibang, who have confirmed their account through their e-mail address, is eligible for this campaign.
・If you have set a domain specification for your emails, please make sure e-mails from "" are not sent to your spam folder.
・ The winner will be notified in about two weeks after the campaign deadline. Please note that if you DO NOT reply to our message about the country where you will use the eGift Card within the response period written in the email, you may be excluded from the lottery.
・ We do not accept inquiries about winning or losing this campaign.

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