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It's as if we would get sucked into a different universe...interviewing Karasuba Rindo-san who makes beautiful mystical scenery!


Karasuba Rindo-san makes many bewitching Japanese fantasy illustrations! How the artist paints the shadows, places colors, and the composition is very unique, and we have no idea how they do it! So we are going to ask the artist all about it!

What makes Karasuka Rindo-san start to draw?

- When did you start drawing?

Karasuba Rindo: I think the very beginning was when I was 3 years old.. I remember I was really young. I have been drawing since then!
For digital art, this is probably my 4th year since I started.

- Have you taken art courses or art lessons?

Karasuba Rindo: I was in the art club during middle school so there is that, and also the art classes that we all take at school.
Mostly I am self taught.

- Do you have other hobbies besides drawing?

Karasuba Rindo:Hmm... I like looking at reference books and photos!
The composition the photographers create, and the colors they achieve is very fun to look at! Photos and actually seeing the subject with your eyes is a different experience.
I always seem to be looking at things from an illustrator's perspective lol.

- Please tell us your setup when you draw

Karasuba Rindo:I use a touch screen tablet on the PC!
I started using that recently... I think since January this year.
Before that, I have been using an Android tablet with a touch pen for 3 years.
Now the Android is used for listening to music while I draw.
The program is of course MediBang Paint. I always have fun using it.

- Is there any artists that inspire you? If so, who?

Karasuba Rindo:I wonder who that would be...I think I get inspired by many different artists and mangas. The list would be bottomless lol.
The one that introduced me to a "manga illustration" is "Phantom Thief Jeanne" by "Arina Tanemura", so there is her.
Also the people I follow on twitter!
I use twitter for my digital artwork.

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