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We interviewed artist logA, who switches between anime-like style, and a realism style.


The artist can create cute anime style art, and cool realism art! We interviewed logA who holds a platinum rank on ART street. Let's find out the secret to creating such beautiful art!

What tools do they use?

- When did you start drawing?

logA:I have been drawing since a young age.
I got serious with digital art 7 years ago.

- Do you have other hobbies besides drawing?

logA:I watch gameplay videos all the time! Even when I am drawing. I love Suehirogarizu's (Japanese comedian) channel.

- So you watch game videos while drawing! Do you have other things you do while drawing?

logA:I love vocaloid songs, so I listen to them a lot.
Especially when I am drawing Hatsune Miku!





- Please tell us your work environment

logA:I use a Wacom Cintiq16 and Surface.

- What drawing program do you use?

logA:I use MediBang paint.

- Thank you so much for using MediBang paint! Please tell us what you like about it, or things you wish would improve!

logA:I have been using MediBang paint for a few years. It has so many functions that I can't believe it's a free program!
On top of that, it's constantly updated and gets better and better.
I remember the mesh transform and the chromatic aberration was added later, and I really love them.
I don't really have any complaints. I just wish you will keep on adding more functions and improving the program!

- Is there an artist that inspires you? Who is it?

logA:I'm usually inspired by the manga that I am consuming at the time.
I love JUMP mangas, but i think the way I draw girls is influenced by Naoshi Komi.

- Oh yeah, the girls Naoshi Komi draws is lovely. Is there a particular aspect that influences you the most?

logA:When I didn't have my style yet, I studied how he draws the eyes. They are always sparkling and cute!





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