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How to draw facial expressions for your character


There are many important aspects with character design, such as the hair, clothing, body type, etc.
One of the very important part is expressions. It can make your character very likeable.

Maybe you tried drawing a good expression, but you feel it looks a bit off, or it's not what you had in mind.

We will give you tips on drawing facial expressions!
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1. 6 important parts when drawing expressions.

When drawing different expressions, these 6 points are important.


(1) Eyebrow position and angle
(2) Space between the eyebrow and eyelid
(3) Shape of the iris
(4) Eyelid
(5) Cheeks
(6) Shape of the mouth

Give more thoughts to those areas, and you can draw emotions that the viewers can understand.
These are important areas, so keep this in mind!

2. How to draw emotions

A small difference can change the emotion

The character on the left has a soft expression, while the character on the right looks very confident.
A small difference with the eyebrow angle and position can make a big difference.


Examples of different emotions
Now let's draw different emotions!

Think about everything lifting up.
The mouth and eyes are facing up.
Even if the character is smiling, you can make it look like they are happy, or even sad. Try experimenting!


Left: Energetic Right: Happy

With an angry emotion, everything faces up in a sharp angle.
Lift up the outer corner of the eyebrows, and lower the corner of the mouth, and the character will look angry.


Left: Looks jealous Right: Looks very angry

With a sad face, think about everything sinking down.
The outer corner of the brows will face down.
The viewers might even feel sad as well.


Left: Feels sad Right: Something upsetting happened

The character might look like she is daydreaming.
She smiles quietly and looks peaceful.


Left: Something good has happened Right: In a good mood

[Important tip]

Instead of drawing a crisp and clear expression, try to distort it a bit.
It will look more realistic.

Try implementing these tips to your artwork, and draw a character with a good expressions!
If you do, be sure to post on ART street!

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