MediBang Partner Program

Complete freedom in what you create!
Earn proceeds from ads!

Partners can create whatever they feel like, and will earn proceeds from ads for the number of times their work has been viewed.

MediBang will translate your work into other languages!
We will deliver a product that transcends the language barrier!

If you become one of our partners, translation into any language you desire will be done for free!
We can sell your translated work at MediBang and other electronic bookstores, should you wish it.

We provide marketing support
in Japan and overseas!

Not only will MediBang Partners have their works featured on MediBang. But we will also help promote their works through different manga sites and all over the world.

You can become a partner if you fulfill the following criteria!

  • Make a submission to MediBang
  • Get a high place in the Creator Ranking
  • Receive an invitation from MediBang to join the Partner Program
See the Creator Ranking here
  • Draw a manga
    Post it to MediBang

  • Become a high ranking creator

    Be scouted by MediBang

  • Become a MediBang Partner

    You can receive proceeds from ad revenue and use our translation services!

Becoming a MediBang Partner
  • Create works that follow our Terms of Service
  • Submit and publish work on MediBang
  • Be invited to become a MediBang Partner

The following are needed to be considered for the MediBang Partner program

  1. Become a top ranked creator
  2. Make regular submissions
  3. Have color covers on your works
  4. Actively comment on MediBang
  5. Have a completed My Page
  6. Actively enter MediBang contests, etc.

※Work published as a MediBang Partner can be previously created works

※Your work can be currently published on other sites

As a MediBang Partner
  • Get proceeds from ads viewed in your work
  • Have your work translated into Japanese, Chinese and other languages
  • Have your work promoted and get support from MediBang
  • Have your work featured on MediBang as a MediBang Partner

※Work published as a MediBang Partner can be previously created works.

※The rights of works published by MediBang Partners belongs to them.

※Your work can be currently published on other sites, but this will be taken into consideration when being chosen for the program.

※Works translated by MediBang require MediBang's permission to be shared on other sites.

※To receive funds from advertisements a bank account or PayPal account is required.