MediBang Partner Program

The Partner Program has been completely revamped!
MediBang is now looking for those aspiring to
draw serialized manga as a pro!

Serialize your work on MediBang! MediBang is a reading platform with over 6 million users!

MediBang offers a variety of benefits if you serialize your manga with us!

  • Payment

    We will pay you a fee for each page of your manuscript. In addition, we'll increase the fee depending on how often your manga is read!

  • Translation

    We'll translate your manga into Japanese for you and circulate it around Japan! We'll also translate it into other languages as well!

  • Global Circulation

    We will sell your manga for you on e-stores around the world and pay you a royalty!

  • Media

    We'll assist you in turning your manga into volumes, anime and other forms of media!