MediBang Partner Program

The Partner Program has been completely revamped!
MediBang is now looking for those aspiring to
draw serialized manga as a pro!

Serialize your work on MediBang! MediBang is a reading platform with over 6 million users!

MediBang offers a variety of benefits if you serialize your manga with us!

  • Payment

    We will pay you a fee for each page of your manuscript. In addition, we'll increase the fee depending on how often your manga is read!

  • Translation

    We'll translate your manga into Japanese for you and circulate it around Japan! We'll also translate it into other languages as well!

  • Global Circulation

    We will sell your manga for you on e-stores around the world and pay you a royalty!

  • Media

    We'll assist you in turning your manga into volumes, anime and other forms of media!

Send us your manuscripts via the internet!

Any genre!Apply as many times as you like!

The process is simple and easy!

1Submit your manga files!

Upload your files to MediBang Creators! They don't have to be set as Public! Open your manga up in Preview Mode and copy the URL. (You use the link to an outside storage service or a different website).


2Paste the link, fill in the required details in the submission form and then send it!

Submission Form

Title of Submission Required

Link to the Artwork Required

*If your manga has been uploaded to MediBang, send us the link of the page or the link of the manga in Preview Mode.
If you're using an outside storage service such as Dropbox or GigaFile, add the saved link.
Note: If you're using an outside storage service, please don't forget to give us permission to access it.

Name Required


*If you have a MediBang Account, please fill it in. (If you're logged in, it will automatically be filled in.)

Email Address Required
Email Address (Confirm)

Please fill this section in if you have other materials you wish to send us that may assist us in screening your manga (personal website URL or password for your outside storage service, etc.).

Age Required
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Phone Number

Any personal information you provide to us will strictly adhere to our company's Privacy Policy.