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Please only one a person, I forgot to say that in my last posts, if you got from a previous batch you can trade it in for a new one here if you want one from here
Unless your a familia member of mine, you can have more then one 👉👈
1: (mine)
2: Taken (Owner: Lil devil )
3: (mine)
4: Taken (Lil devil)
5: (mine)
6: (mine)
7: Taken (:
8: Being adopted….
9. (mine)
10: Taken
11: (mine)
12: (mine)
All name NTA adopts will be chosen in the next 24 hours of entering just in case anyone else wants to enter for the same character as well
I have the right to turn you down if you are being a jerk ->-
DTA adopts will get their adopts right after they post the picture and link it below
I have 2 more batches of these you can find on my posts
These are honestly so fun to make
What if I became an adopt acc/j 👀

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