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Latest SilverCloud25’s art
  • ♡RoseCat♡
    what a cutie
  • SilverCloud25
    > 0tter64
    Don't worry dude, besides, I'm the leader of Artblockclan xD
  • 0tter64
    Sorry I’m the leader of lateclan
  • 0tter64
    Aw that’s so cute
  • LunarTheMegafury
    > SilverCloud25
    No problem Silver ❤
  • SilverCloud25
    > LunarTheMegafury
    Thank u💕
  • LunarTheMegafury
    This is too cute <3
  • FoxLife
    tysm I saw it!!!
  • SilverCloud25
    > FoxLife
  • FoxLife
    Any other thing I didn't describe u can make for u self if u wanna.
  • FoxLife
    (she a she cat) if it's complicated it's fine. I don't have a drawing of her tho.
  • FoxLife
    A Cat named FoxLeaf. She is a red/dark ginger. (idk how to describe it) with dark brown ear tips, paws, and tail tip. her neck fluff it a cream color.
  • FoxLife
    😁 I'm so happy rn
  • SilverCloud25
    > FoxLife
    Well, I think I have time for at least one 😋
  • FoxLife
    Hey do you by any chance take requests?
  • Mangosoda™️
    i want to read more
  • SilverCloud25
    "Foxpaw. The new apprentice of Birchfoot and the first of the next generation of Herborists. So sure and confident of herself, so happy and innocent, believing that everything will be very simple from now on, so....."



    "Howdy Nightpatch! How are you? Who are you talking to?"

    "I hope you have a good excuse to interrupt my monologue, Foxpaw."

    "Birchfoot sends you these leaves of sage, he said that maybe you'd like to have a little in your lair"

    "Yes, whatever, put them in the back, I'll order them later"

    "Of course!"
  • SilverCloud25
    "so newbie, how do you feel about the stressful and lonely life as an herborist?"

    "I love it!! and its not so lonely, I have many friends! and Emberwisker says that all cats are my family now and that I must take care of them like a queen to her kits"

    "Yeah sure, and then they become soft and noisy and whimper for little things that we later— can you tell me what are you're doing?"

    "hehe....oh, I'm sorry, I just like your fur! It's so long and soft and it reminds me of my old bed in motherhood"

    "Well, don't get used to it, Does Birchfoot haven't teach you to not to bother cats that are busy?"
  • SilverCloud25
    "You are not busy, and besides, Birchfoot told me that if you got a little grouchy I just had to stroke your hair!"

    "Oh, that son of ....."

    "hehehe, I like you Nightpatch! I can come more often to visit you?"

    "Don't even try or I'll rip your ears off."

    "I'll take it as a yes!"

    "didn't you hear me? I said that—"

    "well bye and by the way, Birchfoot was right! You have beautiful eyes!"


    "Hahahaha! you can't catch me! You can't catch me!"


    "Aww, come on! I'm first in Emberwisker's lair!!! "

    and this is how half clan was stunned to see the most bitter herbalist of all chasing a very happy apprentice through the camp (in the end he never caught her and returned grumbling to his lair, but he'll never admit that he felt slightly more young and cheerful inside, no sir).
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