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1 month ago

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Wooo I did iT, I finally finished a more or less completed “look” for a character I’ve had under the carpet for 3.5 years :D Lol, meet the finally official Calvin Harvey! A mafia boy put into the line of defense during the start of war in StarCross 1943 after being caught in the midst of a crime- Hope you like it!

** Also, I am working on the story for my new “comic chapter” thing but it’s just taking a while to write it out sorry about that ^^” In the mean time, with any SC drawings I do, I’ll be dropping clues, hints, dialogue and secret stuff here and there for those who wanna figure out connections/the secrets of this upcoming chapter of war hehe**

“I miss her so, so much. I just wanna hold her again and listen to our song one more time.”


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