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Let's make a deal ~desc~ LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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so... you... you are death?
"one of two"
'did I hear my name?'
"not now, Jackie. not now"
'I see a pitiful mortal in desperate need of help'
I am not pitiful! I am the most important person in the entirety of starcross!
"I shall fix this"
'how about this... I return you to life, and you be my champion. my killer.'
no! I'll never hurt anyone ever again!
'oh, you say that. but you're LV... its wonderful. an infinite amount of LOVE. violence is second nature to you. it's like breathing. there will be no way to stop the harm you cause, my champion'
I am not your champion. I am Oliver Nou-
"enough of this. shake my hand, outland, and I'll help you. no need for extra deaths like someone is wishing for"
'oh sansy, you're so cruel. he reeks of death, why can't I keep him?'
"it's my job as the new God of Death to deal with this. leave"
............ new..?
"I'll explain it later. Jackie- just go"
'oh dont worry. I'll be back for my champion soon enough~'

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