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医者はいつも彼女の面倒を見る (>:3)

医者はいつも彼女の面倒を見る  (>:3)

医者はいつも彼女の面倒を見る (>:3)

This took me many hours
You know what that means 😎
It starts with crippled and ends with fingers
You guessed it,it's crippled fingers 🙄😂
But anyways,here is the doctor and his patient ;333
I am really proud of this
So many layers alone went into just the wings oh god
Speaking on the wings,I didn't like the primary design so I changed them
If you look closely,you can see all the individual feathers :p
I know medi screwed up the quality once again,so here is a better looking version:
The reason there's no text or anything is because I did it before adding it (and I oop-)
I mean-
Anyways(×2),I even put my watermark(made by the bootiful boxbeast,go follow em uwu),in 3D because it seemed to pop out a bit too much :v
Please donate fries queen jazzyfly is hungry 😭😢
Btw the Japanese in the title is: "The doctor always takes care of her"
I totally didn't use Google translate-
I mean-
Please Enjoy DoctorPopeeMello and his patient ^w^

Final Round LEVEL 2

5 months ago
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