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7 months ago

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hmm~ now, now~ if you tell me what comes to my mind for the word anniversary, fuba is one of the things that pop into my head! you all probably know that fruits basket is getting reanimated (it's already in the 2nd season!).
and I'm not gonna lie, I actually only get to know fuba in the 2019-2020 anime version. I immediately fell in love with Tohru the first time I know her (and she is what you can describe as 'waifu' for me (my first one ever) ahaha;;;)
then, the more I interested in fuba, the more I know about the wish of the fans in 2005 to folds 1000 cranes in order for fuba to continue. so the fact that now fuba getting reanimated again is actually making my hearts melts, their wishes come true! even though it takes more than 10 years, Happy anniversary fruits basket! I'm happy to get to know your story, and the older fans must be happy that you come again to their life <3


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