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1 year ago

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Doodle of an adopt I got, hope you like it!

Have some storyline for this boy :0
“What’s yer name, bud?”
“Oswald ey? You die in war or something?”
“Something like that, yes.”
“Hey don’t be so glum! I’m just yanking your chain hehe. You looking for work with your combat skills?”
“Just any job I can get…economy’s rough after so many years-“
“Business is business, fruit cake. Howzabout you work for me hm? I give ya shelter, identity protection and that sweet money everyone’s wanting?”
“I don’t even know your name…? Why would I say yes??”
“Lady Coachellas and you’d say yes because it seems no other place likes a man who’s been on the side with Mr. Outland now hmm?”
“ that a yes, dear?”
“As long as you say nothing about my past to anyone…consider us allies”
“Pleasure doing business, fruit cake ;p”

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