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3 months ago

  • IzayoiMikasa

  • girl

  • oc

She's an ancient spirit that once lived 1200+ years ago, she was formerly a princess that lived in a faraway kingdom

Name: Suzuhime
Age: 1200+ years old
Age appearance (Her age before death): 18
Birthday: 11/28/(???)
Cause of death: Her stepmom (the second queen) stabbing her (in the heart)

She has a calm, but joyful personality
She had always been curious to learn new things, especially the ones that would help other people in need
She's kind to anyone and everyone, she believes that every people, even the bad ones, are good deep down in their hearts, so even though her stepmother killed her, Suzuhime still cares about her stepmother and loves her very much

She died on November 28, her 18th birthday
Sorry if I added a lot of images, I think all of these effects (?) look cool and I wanted to post them all qwq

Drawing the background had always been hard for me to do but this time I wanted to draw that *points at the background*

I really like that kind of scenery qwq


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