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3 months ago

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This is the artwork I drew more than 1 year ago
During that time, I had lived in the hospital to take care of my Mom
Everyday and everyday, I saw the limit, I saw the hurt ( in and outside ), I saw the lonely, I saw the the hopeless.... but I also saw the hope, too
When I came back home, I decided to draw an artwork
Something can express the hope in the hopeless, the sweet in the bitter, the peace in the hurt, the light in the dark, the alive in the death, something like the green in the hospital....
And so, the artwork with the girl having a very long hair, sitting in the line between light and dark, in the green of the plants, in the hospital, waiting for something.... was born
And in currents day, I always wonder, I wonder if my little girl had already found what she had been seeking or not….


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