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1 month ago

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Sorry for the rough sketches Q-q but hope you like them! Here’s some info I have for them :)

Zero: 17 (he’s the oldest) Reaper/Error
- Claustrophobic
- Timid/Quiet/Anti-social
- Has very very few friends, but they’re all close. One of them is the infamous runaway Tofu lol, because she doesn’t talk loud or...much at all ; - ;
Cass: 13 (middle child) Reaper/Poison
- Tallest child and she knows it pffff
- Friendly/Sassy/Chaotic good
- Is probably the reason why rules were made
Albion: 7 (bb) Error/Poison
- He bean, he UwU bean
- Very curious/insightful/timid
- Will make a friend with a literal rock

Ye :0


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