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1 month ago

  • medibangpaint

  • herobrine

  • WeirdK

  • boreddoodle

  • steve

  • lazysketch

Yes that's Steve and Herobrine

I got bored
Also I think I'll draw again
Just not that active

Also Look!
I have my own watermark now :D
I have it on one of my art be4 but I'm not sure 'bout it and now my watermark is officially those (WeirdK and an A inside a bracket with hearts and stars)

Damn I wish I have minecraft :')

Idk why I'm reading HeroSteve fanfic rn

I don't ship them sorry

Yay Diamonds

Also what if Herobrine is real but Mojang/Notch just denied it like how the government denies the existing of aliens



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