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Luis is a 20-year-old boy, in his life he had many ambitions, above all a great passion for the research of occult and paranormal things, fascinated by Japanese mythology, one day he comes into possession of an ancient hand-shaped jewel, which has reached his 100th birthday. With great curiosity he slips his hand into the necklace and is possessed by a powerful and dangerous demon a Henge "a shapeshifter" and will make a very long journey full of pitfalls in the paranormal world. In this illustration, he takes the form of a Yokai, a monstrous being with horns and very long hair but with human features. In this scene he encounters for the first time the spirit of a yurei named "Nati" the ghost of a woman who wanders around the labyrinth where she lost her life in search of revenge, who nevertheless will help him on his way. Luis will free himself from the cursed jewel only after completing his journey to the afterlife, otherwise he will be doomed forever.


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