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2 months ago

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This is a summer special competition, no matter where you come from or how good you are at painting, you are welcome to participate!

1. Please draw my main OC: Philo Anzas, you can refer to the following three images, you can also create your own clothes
2. R18 and some objectionable content are prohibited
3. Allow to compose CP
4. Please don't change my hair style or eye color
5. If you have already drawn it, please send me a link to the picture in the comment section. I will see it
6.The result announcement date: July 31
7. I will choose some good works to apply to my personal QQ home page, QQ group: 1043714657 (if you are in a country or region can use QQ), MBP banner, etc
8. If the number of entries is too small, I will extend the competition time
Finally, thank you for your joining!


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